Chapter 11


“NOooooo,” Abiya snarled as if her handmaiden had suggested that she run naked through the courtyard.

“But, my lady, you have not bathed in weeks,” Yamie declared. “Your dress is filthy.”

She thinks to undress me so she can take my clothes and search for Topaz, Abiya thought. “No, I will not let you!”

At the sound of footsteps, Abiya stopped and stared at the door. The king comes. Every day he walks by my door. He tries to disguise his footsteps. Sometimes, his steps are heavy. Sometimes, he walks softly. I know it is him.

He used to come to the door and ask me to come out, to eat meal with him or go for a walk in the gardens. I did not answer. He wanted me to open the door so he could ravish my body against my will and then take Topaz. He stopped speaking, but he still walks. He hopes to fool me so I will let him in.

“I will not,” Abiya yelled at the door.

Yamie gaped. “At least let me wash your hair, your beautiful hair. It is so greasy and tangled,” she pleaded.


She was once my maid. My friend. We grew up together. I thought I could trust her, but she betrays me. She thought to bring doctors to drug me. I kicked, scratched, and bit them until they ran from the room.

She brought his mother, his mother, the one with the voice to charm. I screamed and would not listen. She also left without fulfilling her mission to entrance me.

“At least eat,” Yamie said, tears brimming her eyes.

My handmaiden now works for him. She has poisoned my food. Just a little at a time in the hope that I would not notice. I can taste it. I eat very little, so it will not affect me.

“I am not hungry.” Abiya kicked at the table, sending the contents flying. The plate and cup shattered. Food and drink spattered across the floor.

Crying as if heartbroken, Yamie bent to clean up the mess. “My lady, I do not understand. Please, please, tell me what is wrong.”

She thinks to fool me with those tears, but I will not be so tricked.


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