Chapter 16

If Wishes Were Wings

Samard sat on his horse, with his back to castle, facing the mountains, and watched eagles fly. Their black wings extended to their full length as the floated on the wind. He could easily see their white heads against the blue sky.

“Wish you could fly, my king?”

“How many times must I tell you? Call me Samard.”

“And how many times must we remind you that you are our king?” Epercun said. He turned to their four other friends, and said, “Who thought little Samery would one day be king?”

“Not I.”

“Nor I.”

The men were Samard’s childhood friends his father had forbid him to play with, but as king, he could spend his time with whomever he pleased.


Halfway down the hill, King Samard and his friends were perched on, was a small regiment of the king’s men. They were always at his side like goblins ready to leap from the shadows willing to give their lives for their king’s protection.

“I don’t want to be king. I’d rather fly with the eagles,” Samard said.

“Too bad,” Epercun said.

“What is?” Samard asked.

“As king, you can command whatever you want. But even a king can not command wings to sprout from his back,” Threo teased.

Samard signed. “I hate being king. I’d much rather spend my time with you.”

“But even we must work, my lord,” Epercun said.

“Is that a hint that you must go back?”

“I’m afraid so,” Munter said.

“Then go.” He could command them to stay, but then they would cease to be his friends and become resentful slaves. Samard would not override their responsibilities.

“Are you coming with us?” Epercun asked.

He considered rolling up his sateen sleeves and help them with their work as he did when they were boys, but they would never let him. It was not fitting for a king to do such things.

“I wish to stay a little longer,” Samard said.

“The day be well with you,” his friends said, and left him on the hill by himself, except for his guards.

What was up in those mountains that only eagles see? If he could grow wings and fly away he would know. His eyes scanned the top of the mountain until they came to the gap between the mountain ranges and the valley that separated the two kingdoms, the valley that had started the war.

If he were a dragon, he’d burn that valley into a crisp. Except it was the only fertile land in either kingdom. His people needed that land to survive.

Ah, but if he were a dragon, he would not bother with such revenge. He’d fly higher and farther than any eagle. He’d see what was on the other side of the mountains.

Such desires were for naive children.

With a heavy sign, Samard turned his horse and slowly followed his friends back to the castle and his responsibilities.

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