Chapter 27


It took two days by horse, three and a half by wagon, five to walk from her home in the mountains to the prairie castle. But Sidrea was far too old, and frail as a dried leaf, for such a journey. After nine days, she was close enough that she thought she saw the town and castle in the distance. It looked like a large black smear. She thought she was more than a few hours by wagon from town, probably more than a day’s walk for her. (more…)

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Chapter 26

Samard is Missing

“What do you mean he is missing?” Tamerad hazel eyes flared. Her face flushed with anger. She spoke each word with harsh intensity.

Haajiyo worried she’d ruined Tamerad’s immediate plans for the king. “I’ve looked everywhere.” Haajiyo hoped her voice didn’t sound too whiny. She didn’t dare not kneel or beg forgiveness. Such demeaning of herself infuriated Tamerad. If she became too angry, the witch might dismiss her. She would never learn more magic. (more…)

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Chapter 25

Karth’s Opportunity

Karth was an assassin and thief for hire. His reputation was. Requests for his skills came from over the mountains and beyond the ocean, from places he knew nothing of. He carefully considered each request before accepting. First to make sure it was not a trap set for him. And second, to make sure the victim deserved to be stolen from or killed. But he was also a man of opportunity. (more…)

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Chapter 01

Long Live the King

At least, he died doing what he loved best, Samard thought bitterly, fighting his adored war. Not loving me or my mother.

The war had hacked Samard’s oldest brother to death. His second brother received two arrows in the back and one in the chest, piercing his heart. His third brother disappeared.

“Kidnapped,” the old king had bellowed. “We must kill the bastards for taking my son!” (more…)

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